The Race Tracks available to you in FPV Event include virtual versions of the major real world qualifying tracks. We work closely with race associations around the world to ensure sport and pro pilots can practice tracks ahead of the real world events. Pilot familiarity with tracks brings faster, more exciting race events to the public


The Drones you fly within FPV Event each have their own physical characteristics and flight controller settings. A Custom drone is included allowing you to adjusting these settings and simulate a wide range of different drone types including the one you fly in the real world.

We continue to work with the top pro pilots to achieve the most realistic flight experience possible.


For the most realistic flight experience install the USB Interface Utility and use your RC Transmitter as the controller. Depending on your controller you may need to obtain a USB interface and configure it using the USB Interface Utility.

One of our objectives is to introduce new people to the sport of FPV Racing and give them a chance to experience it before going out to buy any real world equipment. On a windows system the standard Microsoft Xbox 360 or Xbox One controllers are fully compatable with the simulator.


See your name climb the pilot rankings as your skills develop !

FPV Event Personal Edition not only helps you practice real world tracks, many of them also provide virtual leaderboard competitions and qualifying events for you to take part in. If you've registered for an online event you will see a race banner appear above the track in your track selector. Your track times will then appear in the online leaderboard

Recommended PC Spec

The 'FPV Event Personal Edition' drone simulation software uses the latest 3d engine technology and needs a reasonable spec PC to provide realistic visuals and a smooth flight experience. The minimum recommended spec is: Windows 7 OS (with SP1), Intel i5 dual core CPU, NVidia 750 Ti graphics card (or equivalent), 4GB RAM plus internet connection.

NOTE MACs: Although the drone simulation software is currently only available for the Windows OS, pilots have successfully run the simulation on a MAC with suitable graphics capability via bootcamp.

... promoting real world FPV racing